Zoom: Adding an Alternative Host to a Meeting

Task: When creating a meeting in Zoom you have the ability to define an Alternative Host should the primary host not be able to attend the meeting.  This article will show you how to assign an alternative hosts for a meeting.


When creating a meeting in Zoom either through the website or through Canvas the user has the ability to define others that may act as the host if the meeting originator is unable to make the meeting.  The alternative host will assume host responsibilities if they log in prior to the meeting's host, or if the host is not present in the meeting.  Once the meeting's host joins the session they will automatically be assigned host, and the alternative host will become Co-host.

When adding a user as an alternative host, you MUST use a person's username in email format and NOT first.name/last name format.  Example:  JBD1234@<institution>.edu.

Zoom: Non USNH Users as Co-Host

Whether you are creating the meeting in Canvas or Zoom website the process will remain the same.  At the bottom of the meeting options there will be a link for Options.  Once the Options are shown, there is an Alternative Hosts field where you can add a user. 

Screenshot of zoom highlighting "Alternative Hosts"

To find a users Username see article: Outlook: Using Global Address List to Find Username - Windows Desktop app only

Using Zoom website to add a Co-Host or Alternative Host

When using Zoom website, users can simply start typing the name of the person they want to add as an Alternative Host and they system will attempt to look up and provide any matches to select.

  1. Log into the Zoom web portal for your institution

    • keene.zoom.us

    • plymouthstate.zoom.us

    • unh.zoom.us

  2. Choose Schedule Meeting or select a meeting from the Upcoming area and choose Edit

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to show the Options

  4. Start typing the persons name in the Alternative Hosts field                                                  Screenshot of Zoom with the Alternative Hosts box filled out


User will be able to add an alternative host to a zoom meeting.

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