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Task: This article answers frequently asked questions about New Quizzes


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1. How is New Quizzes different from the current Classic Quizzes? 

 A1. New Quizzes is a new assessment engine built to meet the assessment needs in your classroom today and in the future. Leveraging modern technologies, New Quizzes features include a series of feature enhancements and new item types to bring work flow improvements to what is commonly encountered in Classic Quizzes . See the article, Understand Classic Quizzes vs. New Quizzes


 Q2. Do I have to use New Quizzes right now?  

 A2. No. Using New Quizzes is optional. You can continue to use Classic Quizzes. 


Q3. Can I use New Quizzes along with the existing Quizzes feature in Canvas? 

A3. Yes. Until the end-of-life date for Classic Quizzes is announced, both tools can both be used in the same Canvas course.  


Q4. How do I assign a date/time on a quiz for a student that is different from when the rest of the class are taking the quiz? 

A1a.  In the Quiz, locate the Assign To field where you set the Available From and Until.  Below that area, locate the +ADD icon, select it to open another Assign To area. Enter the student's name and select the dates for that student.   Do not change or remove the dates/times for the other students.  For more details read this article Assign Quiz Due Date for one student 

A1b.   If you are using the Time Limit option but not using Available From and Until date/time to lock the quiz into specified quiz time, then use the Moderate Quiz option.  Go to the Quiz and on the right side, select Moderate.  Locate the student in the list and click on the Moderate button. Then select the items you want to moderate.


Q5. in New Quizzes can I assign partial points to questions?  

A5. Yes. To multiple answers and matching questions at this time. 


Q6. If a quiz is reopened so the student can finish the quiz, can the quiz be restarted from where the student left, off or does the quiz start over at the first question? 

A6. Yes, the student can start from where they left off. Go to the quiz and select Moderate.  Locate the student and select Moderate opposite their name.  Click on Reopen to re-open the quiz allowing the student to start where they left off. If the student needs more time, select the option for Time Adjustment and enter the extended amount of time. 


Q7. Why does Gradebook show a score even though the quiz is not fully graded? 

A7. The New Quizzes tool is an LTI. The LTI supports grade passback but does not provide a way to offer further context about the quiz. Without the ability to provide additional context, Canvas cannot distinguish if the lack of a grade or the passed grade represents the fully graded contents of the quiz. 


Q8. Is the rich content editor in Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes the same? 

A8. Yes, the rich content editor is now the same.

Q9.  Can I use Respondus with New Quizzes? 

A9a. Yes, you can use Respondus with New quizzes.  Here is a link the instructions on how to setup the lock down browser.  Respondus Lockdown Browser article

A9b.  The steps a student follows to open Respondus and New Quizzes is different than classic Quizzes.   The student will the Lockdown Browser will be launched from within the quiz in myCourses. 

  • You MUST access the quiz from Canvas. 

  • Do NOT open the LockDown Browser first. 



After this article, you will be able to answer frequently asked questions about New Quizzes.

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