UNH Wireless Cloudpath configuration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Title:  UNH Wireless Cloudpath configuration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Description:  Questions and answers relating to the Cloudpath applet and TLS certificate alternative configuration to access eduroam wireless network at UNH.
Audience:  UNH Faculty, Staff, & Students and visitors to UNH campus

NOTE: Most devices connect to eduroam with the preferred username and password method.  The UNH campus also offers the Cloudpath applet configuration for devices that may need a TLS certificate connection to eduroam instead.  


Topic 1:  Cloudpath Configuration Applet FAQ

Topic 2: Known Cloudpath Technical Issues 


Topic 1: Cloudpath Configuration Applet FAQ

Question 1 - On the UNH Campus, why is my device suddenly redirecting to the eduroam Wireless Setup page even after being connected to eduroam?

  • In some cases a device may make a sub-optimal decision on which SSID to connect to. This is a known issue for iOS devices where the device will connect to UNH-Open even if eduroam is configured correctly. If you find your device redirecting to the eduroam Wireless Setup page, check to ensure your device is actually connected to eduroam and not UNH-Open. If you are unable to connect to eduroam by simply selecting the SSID with your username and password, browse to wifi.usnh.edu to configure your device for eduroam using the certificate method.
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Question 2 - I was connected to eduroam, but now when I try to connect I am being prompted to select a certificate. Which certificate do I choose?

  • In cases where multiple applications are installing certificates, it may be necessary to specifically identify your WiFi authentication certificate. Generally it will appear as something like <username>@cpuser.unh.edu.
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Question 3 - I share a computer with a co-worker. Do we both have to have to run the applet?

  • Yes. Each user profile on the computer (each user login) needs to run the configuration applet. The applet assigns a unique certificate to each user, so each user needs to run it separately.
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Question 4 - I maintain a lab of computers and having each new user authenticate and run the applet is too time consuming each class period. Is there another option?

  • There is an option to have the computer, instead of the user, authenticate to the network. This option works well for lab and kiosk type installations. This installation type is available on an as needed basis. If you require this type on configuration, please contact the UNH Technology Help Desk at 603-862-4242.
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​​​​​Question 5 - Do I need to run the applet using my local administrator account?

  • Yes, if you wish to use the local administrator on "eduroam". The applet is configured solely for the logged-in user at the time. Multiple users on a device will each need to run the applet.
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Question 6 - How long are eduroam certificates good for?

  • Eduroam certificates are valid for two (2) years.
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Question 7 - What will happen when the certificates expire?

  • Once an eduroam certificate expires, access to the eduroam wireless network will be denied. E-mail notification will be sent out in a timely manner prior to certificate expiration. Re-running the configuration applet at http://wifi.usnh.edu issues a new certificate for the device. There is no limit or restriction to running the applet.
  • This is an example of the email notifications.
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​​​​​Question 8 -  I Can’t Connect My iPhone or iPad.  What do I do?​​​​​​​

  • Occasionally, iPhones and iPads have problems displaying the Cloudpath registration instructions pop-up screen. Should this happen, open your browser App and open a new page to https://wifi.usnh.edu.
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Topic 2: Known Cloudpath Technical Issues 

Question 9 - Third-Party Wireless Connection Managers​​​​​​​

  • If you have any third-party wireless connection managers on your system (i.e. Intel ProSet Wireless), the Cloudpath applet may not be able to properly install and configure your device for the eduroam wireless network. It is recommended any third-party wireless connection managers be uninstalled from the system before attempting to run the applet.
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Question 10 - iOS device network migration during installation​​​​​​​

  • The iOS operating system will not allow the wireless configuration applet to automatically migrate the device to the eduroam profile during configuration. The user will need to manually migrate the device. The applet does present the necessary instructions to the user.
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