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This article provides instructions for how to install Sentry Gatekeeper and Avaya Workplace on Windows.  It also provides a user guide on How to Use Avaya Workplace and links to other Telecom Support documents.



Task: To install Sentry Gatekeeper and Avaya Workplace on Windows and open the "How to Use Avaya Workplace" User Guide

If your USNH phone has been built with softphone capabilities, the Sentry and Avaya applications will be pushed to your computer.  If they do not appear, they can be installed by going to Company Portal on Windows or Self Service on a Mac. Click on each application and install. 

Once both installations are complete, follow the How to Use Avaya Workplace user guide (also attached to this article) or view additional Telecom Support Documents.


Step 1 - In Windows, click the Start Menu 

Step 2-  In the search bubble, start typing "Company Portal". The Company Portal should appear. Click it to open.

Company Portal


Step 3 - Within the Company Portal, Search for "Avaya" and search for "Sentry" to find "Avaya Workplace" and "Sentry Gatekeeper"

avaya gate keeper


Step 4 - Install each.



Step 5 - Navigate to the How to Use Avaya Workplace user guide (also attached to this article).  This user guide illustrates how to use Sentry Gatekeeper and basic features of the Avaya Workpalce softphone client.  This guide is written as a daily step-by-step process for using both applications.

Also see the Telecom Support Documentssite for additional user guides and help files.



You should be able to install both Sentry Gatekeeper and Avaya Workplace and find the How to Use Avaya Workplace user guide.


Further Readings

Softphone: About Sentry Gatekeeper

How to Use Avaya Workplace (also attached to this article)

Telecom Support Documents 


Need additional help?

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