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Pinned Article PSU/KSC: New phone access codes after the 2022 Upgrade

This is a crosswalk for the new access codes as Plymouth State University and Keene State College come into the unified USNH Telephone System effective February-May 2022.This article has the new phone access codes after the 2022 telephone system upgrade for PSU and KSU.

Handling Phishing Phone Calls and Voicemail

This article has information about handling phishing phone calls and voicemail.

How do I find my phone Long Distance Authorization Code?

This article shows how to find your long disturbance authorization code or request one if there isn't one assigned to you.

Making Off-Campus Phone Calls

This article has instructions for making off-campus phone calls for in-state (NH), out-of-state, and international, as well as emergency and special dialing.

Making On-Campus Phone Calls

This article has information on calling a campus phone from another campus phone. This applies to UNH, PSU, and KSU campuses.

Phone Not Working - Does Not Ring

This article contains solutions for the issue of your campus phone not ringing.

Phone Not Working - No Dial Tone

This article has possible solutions for the issue of your campus phone having no dial tone.

Phones: Caller ID Spoofing

This article explains Caller ID "spoofing", a possible explanation for why someone is receiving calls from your phone number when you didn't make the call.

PSU Phones: Campus Telephone Guide

This article includes a telephone guide and dialing instructions.

PSU: Adding a Telephone Line

This article explains adding a new telephone line and the wall outlet standard service provided by the PSU Information Technology Services.

Setting Up Call Forwarding

This article displays how to set up call forwarding on your UNH phone or a VoIP or digital phone.

Softphone: About Sentry Gatekeeper

This article includes information about Sentry Gatekeeper for softphones, including a link to the Installation and User Guides. Sentry Gatekeeper is used to accurately record your location for 911 call reporting on softphones.

Softphone: Avaya Workplace User Guide

This article provides instructions for how to install Sentry Gatekeeper and Avaya Workplace on Windows.  It also provides a user guide on How to Use Avaya Workplace and links to other Telecom Support documents.

Switchboard and Directory Dialing

This article includes dialing instructions for automated voice directories and automated switchboard operators.

UNH Phones: Telecom Liaisons - TAMs and UNH Departmental Contacts

This article contains UNH Telecom Account Manager (TAM) and UNH Departmental contact information.

VoIP Phones FAQ

This article includes commonly asked questions about VoIP phones.