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Namecoach is an LTI integrated into Canvas that allows users to record their name in the manner they would prefer it pronounced.  Faculty and students then have the ability to listen to those recordings (less than 10 sec) to better understand pronunciation and provide a more inclusive environment.


Task: Understand how to use and record names in Canvas


  1. In the course navigation bar to the left, click on Namecoach
  2. Your name will be displayed at the top of the page
  3. Click on Record Name
  4. You will have a choice on how you would like to record
  5. Phone: This option allows you to provide a phone number that will trigger an automated call where Namecoach will walk you through the process of recording your name
  6. Web Recorder:  Allows you to record you name via your computer's microphone or headset
  7. Uploader:  Allows you to record you name using another device such as a voice recorder and upload that audio file
  8. In this example we will use the Web Recorder option
  9. When ready, click on the Record Icon.  You may need to grant the application permission to access the computer's microphone.  The system will provide you with a 5 second count down.  Recordings are limited to 25 seconds.  Shorter is better
  10. Pronounce your name slowly and clearly ensuring your are clear in the pronunciation and annunciation

  1. Once Recorded click the Stop Icon
  2. Use the play icon to listen to your recording, if needed, you can choose Record again to replace the existing recording
  3. You can record as many times as needed until you are happy with the result
  4. Once complete, click Submit and Finish.  The system will save your recording and make it available to others in the course to listen to your pronunciation from the Namecoach area.

When a student is enrolled in multiple courses, they only need to record their name once in a single course and that will proliferate over to all other courses they are enrolled

NOTE that currently there is no way to remove a recording once in the system.  You can re-record as needed but can not remove.

NOTE recordings from Canvas feed through from Namecoach to Outlook. 




Users can now use NameCoach to record and save their names in Canvas courses.

Further reading:

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Need additional help?

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the Technology Help Desk to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request.  



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