Laptop: Resetting a USB-C/Thunderbolt Dock


This article has instructions to try if your USB-C/Thunderbolt dock is acting strangely.  We have found that a hard reset for Dell/Lenovo USB-C/Thunderbolt docks resolves MOST issues if there's something strange happening with the dock.



Task: To perform a hard reset for USB-C/Thunderbolt Docks


Step 1Unplug computer from dock (usb-c cable)

Step 2 -  Unplug dock from power/ac adapter

Step 3 - Hold power button on top of dock for 15-30 seconds

Step 4 - Plug power/ac adapter back into dock. It is important that the computer is NOT connected to the dock when you power up the dock.

Step 5 - Wait 15-30 seconds for the dock to 'boot' before proceeding.  You do not need to touch the dock at all, just wait.

Step 6 -  Plug the computer back into the dock with the usb-c type cable 

We have found that this resolves MOST issues if there's something strange happening with the dock.



You should be able to perform a hard reset for a USB-C/Thunderbolt Docks. 


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