Microsoft Forms - Transferring Ownership When Owner Has Left USNH System



This article provides guidance on when a Form's ownership can be transferred from a former employee and provides best practices for Microsoft Forms ownership in order to avoid issues after an owner leaves. 


When Can Form Ownership Be Transferred by an M365 Admin?
Ownership of a Microsoft Form can only be transferred from a Former Employee's account when two very specific conditions are met:

  • Employee's account must be in a disabled/deleted state. If the employee has a role that allows them to keep their M365 account active (ex. Alumni role or Sponsored User role) then the Form's ownership can not be transferred by the M365 Admins.
    • In the event this condition is not met the options are either to create the Form again as a new Form from scratch or to reach out to the owner and have them sign into their M365 account and transfer the form to an M365 Group.
  • If account is disabled/deleted it must have been disabled/deleted no more than 30 days from the current date. If it is any longer than 30 days the account will have been permanently deleted and the Form cannot be recovered.

If both of those requirements are met the ownership of the Form can be transferred to an M365 Group. The ownership CANNOT be transferred to another user, it must go to an M365 Group. If these requirements are met then please submit a ticket providing the following information:

  • Current owner's name and username
  • M365 Group you would like to have own the Form

What are some Best Practices for Form Owners?

  • It is always recommended that Microsoft Forms get created and owned by an M365 Group. This way the Form is not attached to a user account and will not disappear once a user's account is deleted. 
  • If a form MUST be owned by a user account for some reason we recommend having multiple owners to avoid issues with owners leaving USNH. 

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