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This article provides information comparing shared mailboxes and distribution groups, including a link to the request form where you can request a shared mailbox or distribution group.
This article lists the Microsoft 365 Group names for each campus. Use the list to share your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint site with the appropriate group.  This is how you can share your site with all users from a specific a campus or from multiple or all campuses.
This article provides information on Creating and Managing SharePoint Groups.
This article answers basic questions about the differences between OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams to help you decide where best to store and share files.
This article provides guidance on when a Form's ownership can be transferred from a former employee and provides best practices for Microsoft Forms ownership in order to avoid issues after an owner leaves.
This article details steps for moving your Microsoft Forms to a Microsoft Group.
This article provides instructions on how to create, share, duplicate, a form and move that form to a group.
This article provides information on how to create and delete a group in Outlook on the Web and contains several links on how to best use your group for collaborating.
The purpose of this article is to show you how to add internal and external members to an M365 Group that you own. This is for people who are owners of M365 groups that they have created themselves or have created via ticket with the ET&S Email Admins.
This article provides instructions on how to create service details, assign staff members to services, set publishing and scheduling policy options, add online meeting options to bookings, create group bookings, and provide text message notifications.
This article provides instructions on how to leave a chat in Microsoft Teams, as well as how to hide or mute a chat session.
This article describes some of the basic features and functionality of Microsoft Teams including chatting with and calling Team member.
This article provides instructions on how to move a file from your personal OneDrive to a shared group location.
This article provides information about the automated group expiration policy and the location of your Teams expiration date.