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Pinned Article M365: Connecting to services in unified M365 environment

The migration of email and M365 data is complete at Plymouth State University. This article contains resources to assist users in connecting/reconnecting their Microsoft accounts and services.

Pinned Article M365: Sharing and Storing Files FAQ

This article answers basic questions about the differences between OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams to help you decide where best to store and share files.

Introducing USNH ET&S Information Classification - Approved Storage Locations

This article provides the information needed to familiarize yourself with USNH IT data classifications and approved data storage locations.

M365: Information on Email Name Change

All USNH institutions were unified into a single M365 tenant, with a single instance of email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, in 2021. This change facilitates better collaboration and communication across our institutions.

M365: Automated Group Expiration

This article provides information about the automated group expiration policy and the location of your Teams expiration date.

M365: Box Migration Project FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions and answers about the Box Migration Project.

M365: Comparing M365 Features to those of Box

This article compares M365 applications to Box based on a select list of features, including file storage sizes, collaboration and sharing abilities, desktop integration, and security.

M365: Naming Conventions for Files and Folders

This article describes the best naming practices for files and folders in OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint.

M365: Search Features,Tips, and Resources

This article will describe the advantages of the new Microsoft search feature as well as how to use them along with some tips, best practices and links to additional resources.

M365: Updating M365 Mobile Apps in iOS

This article provides instructions for updating apps on your iOS Mobile devices for the Unified M365 environment.

M365: Using an External Microsoft Account for Collaboration with USNH

This article explains the options for using an external Microsoft account to collaborate on USNH Microsoft documents.

M365: Using Microsoft Search

This article provides instructions on how to use the Microsoft Search field on the web and in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft Main User Voice

Have a suggestion for Microsoft? Please check out Microsoft's User Voice. This article provides information about Microsoft User Voice, including links to specific areas for various Microsoft services.