TDx Windows Apps: Troubleshooting Connection Errors


How to change the URL in TeamDynamix Windows Download applications.  This article provides instructions on resolving connection errors or app launch issues for TDx Windows Plan Manager and TDx Windows Capacity Planner caused by a URL change during the migration to TDx in the Cloud.



TeamDynamix Windows Download applications:

  • TeamDynamix Windows Plan Manager
  • TeamDynamix Windows Capacity Planner



You have a connection error or the app will not open when you try to open TeamDynamix Windows Plan Manager or TeamDynamix Windows Capacity Planner after the USNH TDx migration from on premises to cloud-hosted (Sept. 22-23, 2023).



Update the TDNext URL

Note: As of September 22, 2023, the URL for TeamDynamix has changed from to In order to successfully connect the Windows Plan Manager to TeamDynamix, it is necessary to update the URL.

Step 1 - Open the Windows Plan Manager

Step 2 - Choose the Options cog wheel on the left side of the screen

Step 3 - Enter the URL 

Alternatively, an s can be inserted into the existing URL to make unh --> usnh

Step 4 -Click Save

image baout txnext url



The issues regarding Windows Plan Manager or Windows Capacity Planer should be resolved.


Need additional help?

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?

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