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This article describes how to add a person and assign a role in an active Canvas course. These instructions apply to adding any person and role to your course, just make sure you select the appropriate role (Faculty, Student, Observer, TA, Designer, etc). 

Note: If you want to add an instructor to a previous semester course, then enter a support ticket with your request using the Canvas webform link at the bottom of this article.

Please note that Plymouth State University and Keene State College faculty cannot add users to a course. Review the Questions about Roles and Permissions article link below. 


Adding people to your course:

Instructors are able to manually add people to their active courses.   If the course is closed, then the +People option is not active and a support request would be required to add the user.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate course and in the Course Menu, click People.
  2. Click on the + People button
  3. Enter their USNH user name ID or USNH student ID .
  4. If you are adding multiple people, separate each user by a comma.
  5. Select the Role (TA, Student, Instructor, etc) and course section to which the person should be assigned. (You can also select the option for that person to interact with their course section only)
  6. Select Next. You should see the name of that person appear.
  7. Select Add User. The user's email address will appear.
  8. Select Done. An email is sent to the person inviting them to join the course.

Do NOT enter the user's email address as Canvas needs to locate the person using the student's unique identifier. The student's default Canvas email address will automatically be added to the course.

The user will be sent an email, inviting them to join the course. The user will also see the invitation to the course in their Canvas Dashboard. You will see a status of Pending in the People area of the course which indicates the user has not accepted the invitation and joined the course. When the user does join the course the Pending message will disappear and a date and time will appear in the "Last Activity" column.

Editing a User Role:
  1. Navigate to the appropriate course and in the Course Menu, click People.
  2. Click the 3 vertical dots on the far right on the line of the User you want to edit
  3. Select Edit Role
  4. Choose the appropriate role from the drop-down list
  5. Click update

The user who is logged into the Course will need to exit and log back in before seeing any new permissions.  Otherwise, the next time the user logs in they will see their new permissions.

Additional Information:

Questions about roles and permissions in Canvas, read this article Canvas (myCourses): User Roles and Permissions

Questions about removing a student, read this article. Canvas: Inactive students in course

Here is a link to the Canvas guides for more detailed instructions:



Users should be able to add a person and assign a role in an active Canvas course.

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the Technology Help Desk to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request.  


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