EAB Navigate360: Setting Availability

Task: This article will demonstrate how an advisor would set their availability within the Navigate application.


Advisor-Setting Availability

The advisors must set their availability in order for students to schedule appointments.

Add Time -

  1. From the Home Page , click on the My Availability tab
  2. Click on the Actions Menu
  3. Click Add Time
  4. Select the days and times when you are available to meet with students
  5. Choose "How Long is this availability active?" for your availability. This represents the span of time, i.e. A semester, specific range of dates or no end date (forever)
    1. It is best practice NOT to use the forever option
  6. If you want this availability added to your personal availability link, select Add This Availability to Your Personal Availability Link? You can put the personal availability link in an email or text or on a website. Students are taken to a scheduling workflow that has the staff member's chosen availabilities pre-filled.
    1. Personal Availability Links (PAL) are a useful tool for scheduling. Each PAL is unique to a staff member in Navigate. The link does not change over time.  When you include a PAL in a URL field, website, email, or SMS and students click the link, they are taken to the New Appointment page in student scheduling. If your institution uses Navigate Student, the link redirects to the scheduling page in the student’s browser and asks if they want to continue in the browser or open Navigate Student app.
  7. Select whether you will meet students via appointments and/or drop-ins during that time
    1. Appointments = availability for your advisees to set appointments with you
    2. Drop-ins = indicates office hours, and opens your availability up to the entire student body.
    3. Campaigns = Appointment Campaigns enable the advisor to request that specific students select a specific date and time within a specified period to schedule an appointment instead of the advisor creating appointments for each and every student. See Creating a Campaign for help with campaigns
  8. Meeting Type field allows you to define whether this availability is for In Person or Virtual. Users can select both options,  if needed.  If setting virtual appointment availability be sure to add your Zoom link to the URL/Phone Number field.
  9. Choose a Care Unit
  10. Choose the location (Department), this is not a specific location but instead the school or department
  11. Select Service(s) (choices will depend on the department you chose)
    1. Meet with my Advisor: This denotes that the student will only see advisors that are assigned
    2. Meet with Another Advisor: This will open the advisor up to the entire student body. Any student will be able to schedule an appointment with the advisor
  12. In the Special Instructions for Students box include location of appointment or any other additional details. (i.e. what they should bring, what room, directions...)
  13. If needed, the number of students that can book during the available time can be updated. The default is set to 1.

Note : Repeat this process until all of your availabilities have been defined. You can have as many availabilities as needed.

Note : Availability highlighted in pink in the Times Available grid represent availability that falls outside of today (could be future or past). Students can still schedule for inactive times in the future.

Setting Availability for a Specific Day only:

  1. Use the Range of Dates option
  2. Select your start date and make your end date match your start date, this will tell the system the availability is for only one day
  3. Then select the time range during that day.
  4. The user can set the same day with different times if needed. i.e. available from 9-10am and then again from 2-3pm set up 2 availabilities for the same date with different times.

There are two other options when adding Times Available.

Copy Time - to copy a time, select the time you would like to copy and then click the Copy Time button. The availability will be copied and a dialog will open allowing you to make edits or to save your newly created availability.

Delete Time - to delete your time, simply select the time and click the Delete Time button.

NOTEFaculty Advisor Scheduled to be Teaching:  Banner feeds Navigate with Faculty schedules.  In the event that you are an instructor of record for a course, (this includes labs and or clinical) the system will see you as unavailable.  If there is a lab associated to your course but a TA will be overseeing that for you, the system will still have you as the instructor of record.  Some courses require a clinical aspect and may have you scheduled to be at a location all day for those sessions.  Thus showing you as unavailable.  If this situation occurs it requires a manual override of the system that has to be completed by our admins.  Please fill out a webform and we will help address it. EAB (Navigate) web form



Users will know how to set their availability within the Navigate application.

Need additional help?

Please fill out the EAB (Navigate) web form with as much information as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Docs & Training Site.

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