CPS, UNH, USNH: Extend USNH - How to add and manage users in your Extend USNH Course

Task: These instructions apply only to the USNH Extend Canvas course site. This document describes how to add the users in your course as well as suggestions for managing your students at the end of the term.


The term “Users” refers to both students and teachers. When an action refers to only one or the other, then the word student or teacher will be used.  Adding users to your course requires you to know the user’s email address. USNH users (CPS, UNH, and PSU) will use their USNH email while non-USNH users will provide you with their preferred email address. 

Course Preparation:

Before you add students, you will want to have your course built and published.  When you add students to your course, an email is sent inviting the student to your course. Teachers can be added anytime to the course and will receive an email inviting them to the course.

The publish course option is located on the course Home page. If you have chosen to set a start and end date in the course Settings area, you must still Publish the course.  The Publish course and Start date are 2 separate steps.  

Note:  Students DON’T receive the course invitation until they can access the course.  This means the course must be published and if you have set the course start date, students will receive the email either on or after the start date. 

Non-USNH users are required to setup their account by accessing the course using their preferred (non-USNH) email address and entering a password. (They will receive a course invitation email from notifications@instructure.com directing them to do this.) USNH users (CPS, UNH, and PSU) will use their USNH email and current USNH credentials to login.

For additional information regarding logging into Canvas Extend, see the article titled "Extend USNH - How to Login to an Extend USNH course" in the section titled "Further Reading"  at the end of this article.

How to add and invite users (non-USNH and USNH users)

To add people to your course you will need their email address. Non-USNH users you will use the email address they provide to you and for USNH users use their USNH email address. (Best format to use is <username>@<appropriate institution>.edu: e.g. xyz1@unh.edu.) For non-USNH users you will have an additional step of entering their name.  USNH user's name is already associated to their USNH email address.

Note: USNH users sometimes have multiple email aliases. If this is the case, once you enter their email address and hit "Next", you will get the following message: "There were several possible matches with the import. Please resolve them below" and be asked to select the user from two or more choices. You should almost always select the choice <username>@<appropriate intstitution>.edu: e.g. <username>@unh.edu or <username>@plymouth.edu or <username>@keene.edu.

  1. From your Canvas dashboard, access your Extend USNH course. (To login to Canvas use the appropriate links immediately below.)
  2. In the Course Menu, select People, then select +People on the right side.
  3. Select the Add User by, Email address option. 
  4. Enter the email address for the new user. If you are entering multiple users, make sure to add a comma between users.
  5. Select the Role. The role must be the same for all users being added at the same time. 
  6. Do not select the “Can interact with users in their section only”.
  7. Select Next to add the student names.

In the next window enter the names of new users. Anyone with USNH credentials or prior non-USNH users will automatically be associated with their name and will not appear in this list. (Unless the USNH or prior non-USNH user has multiple email aliases - see the note immediately above.)

  1. Click the link “Click to add a name” to add the name.
  2. Select Next.

Note:  If you have misspelled an email address, now is the time to fix it by selecting the Back button to return to the previous screen.

The next window should display all users who will be added to your course.

showing "add users" button

  1. Select Add Users to add the names to your course. This triggers an email to be sent to their email address.

Note:  Students and teachers will be listed in the People area of the course. Their status will display as Pending until they accept the invitation.

Removing Users

If a student or teacher is no longer a participating in the course, you have the option to either remove the user or set their status to inactive.   If a user is taking a short hiatus from the course, then setting their status to inactive might be the best option.

Steps to remove user:

  1. In the course, go to the People area.
  2. Locate the name and to the right select the Kabob icon to open the menu options.  
  3. Select either Deactivate User or Remove from Course.
  4. Deactivate User – removes student’s access to the course but keeps their name in the course People area.
  5. Remove from Course – removes student’s access to the course and removes their name course.

Note: In either case, the student activity is also removed, but will be restored if the student is added back into the course. Course content added by a teacher is retained regardless of their status.

End of course management

Once the course is over, you have a couple of options for managing the students and course. You can close the course by entering an end date in the course Settings area and selecting the option “Students can only participate in the course between these dates”. You could also disable the student’s status. Faculty access to the course doesn’t change unless their status is disabled or they are removed from the course.

If you are planning on offering the course again, you can reuse the course material by copying the course content into another course shell. In the new course, you can make changes to the content and/or change assessment dates.

Another option and probably less desirable, is to remove all students and reuse the same course instance. Just be aware, by selecting this option you lose all student activity.

Note: Instructions to copy a course can be found in the Canvas guides.

How do I copy a Canvas course into a new course shell?


Explain how to use the extend Canvas course, showing how to add the users in your course and how to manage the students at the end of the term

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How do I copy a Canvas course into a new course shell?

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