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Task: This article will discuss reasons a meeting organizer would want to utilize the Registration functionality of Zoom.



Registering for a meeting or webinar will intake a person’s name and email address. Other fields can also be requested or required, such as title, company, phone number, etc. Once registered, the host can automatically approve all registrants or manually approve each attendee. Once approved, the registrant will be sent an invention link that is unique to this registrant. This gives the meeting's organizer(s) the ability to gather information and preview who may be attending the meeting.


Registration adds a level of security as well so only registered users can attend, limiting outside attendees that may otherwise be disruptive.  By requiring users to register for a meeting, it allows the organizer of that meeting to either approve or restrict who can join the meeting. Participants whom wish to attend a meeting that requires registration must fill in and submit a form before they receive an invitation to the meeting.  This adds a level a security because the organizer needs to approve people prior to them receiving the meeting URL. 

Custom Questions:

Using registration also allows the meeting's organizer(s) to ask specific questions to those wishing to attend.  This gives you the ability to gather information prior to the meeting which can help in shaping talking points or give the organizer the opportunity to gather questions the attendees may have.


Registration allows the organizer(s) to also pull reports which will show those who attended and for how long they were part of the meeting.


The user will have a greater understanding of how to use registration in Zoom. 

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