Zoom and Microsoft Teams: Comparison of Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings Features


This article describes the features of two supported web conferencing tools at USNH: Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Product Overview


Zoom is generally recommended for online teaching, larger groups, webinars, or including non-USNH participants.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams meetings is generally recommended for group collaboration, spur-of-the-moment meetings, shared document editing, and need for access to the USNH directory to invite people to meetings.


Product Comparison

Teams vs. Zoom


Microsoft Teams

Zoom Meetings

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Browser Support Yes Yes
Maximum Meeting Attendees 1000 300
HD Video Capable Yes Yes
Audio Only Participants Yes Yes
Join by Phone Yes (must be enabled) Yes
Chat Within Meetings Yes Yes
Chat Outside Meetings Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes
Application Sharing Yes Yes
Annotate Shared Content No Yes
Whiteboard Yes Yes (must be enabled)
Breakout Rooms Yes Yes
Polling Yes (requires plug-in) Yes
Cloud Recording Yes Yes
Local Recording No (videos can be downloaded) Yes
Recording Transcription Yes (multiple languages) Yes (multiple languages)
Automatic Captioning Yes (multiple languages) Yes (multiple languages)
Join Before Host Yes Yes
Outlook Calendar Integration Yes Yes
Approved for Confidential & Restricted Use Data Yes  Yes (Zoom for HIPAA ONLY)
Encrypted Connections Yes Yes
Integrated with Canvas Yes Yes


Further Readings

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