UNH Public Printing: Printing public print jobs

Summary: This article has the steps for how to print and pay for public print jobs at UNH.

Task: To select, pay, and print out a document submitted for public web printing at UNH in Durham or Manchester


Step 1 - Within two (2) hours of submitting a web print job through print.unh.edu or directly from a cluster or library computer, go to the print station location where you want to pick up your printout.

Step 2 - Find the computer monitor near the printer you want.  The screen will show a list of usernames and documents that are waiting to be printed out at that printer.  Check the box by your document and click Print below the list.

Print queue with username, file name, printer name, number of pages, cost, file size, and date submitted.

Step 3 - Once the document is selected, you need to pay for your print job using Cats Cache, either by swiping your ID card or typing in your number.  Details below.

Swipe ID or enter ID Card number


With your ID card - Look near the print station computer for the card swipe device. Swipe your ID card.

Without your ID card - on the print station computer, type in your 9-digit student ID immediately followed by the two-digit card issue number then click Next.

  • The card issue number is "01" if it is your first ID card, "02" if it is your second, "03" if it is your third ID card, and so on. 
  • So for example, if your student ID number is 9xxxxxxxx and this is your original ID, you would type 9xxxxxxxx01.
  • If you have gotten a replacement ID, then you would add 02 or 03, etc, at the end of your ID number, depending on how many ID cards you have been issued.
  • You can try different card issue numbers at the end of your ID until you find the one that works. 
  • For any questions about ID cards or card issue numbers, please contact the UNH Dining/ID Office at 603-862-1821, or visit them in room 211 of the Memorial Union Building.

Note - you need to have enough balance in your Cats Cache account to pay for your printout.  See article on adding value to Cats Cache online for how to log in, view your balance, and add money with a credit card if necessary.

Step 4 - The cost of the printout and available balance on your Cats Cache account display. If you have enough balance, click the Print button.  If you need to add money to Cats Cache, click the Cancel button.  You can add money to your Cats Cache account then try again.

Print cost, Cats Cache balance, and Cancel / Refresh / Print buttons

Step 5 - Collect your printed page(s) from the printer.


Document is printed out at the selected printer in Durham or Manchester.


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Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request.  

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