Knowledge Base: Fixing Fuzzy or Small KB Images


Pasting images directly into the KB makes them appear small and they do not keep their crisp image when resizing. This article explains how to avoid this problem. This article is for TeamDynamix (TDx) Knowledge Base (KB) Editors.



Note: This article is intended for KB editors.

When images are pasted directly into KB articles, the system will always generate thumbnails that can be clicked to view the full image.

Opening the Image properties tool to edit that "image" will actually just modify the thumbnail, and thumbnails are not meant to be resized.

If the full-scale image is needed, do not paste the image into the KB document.  Use the image upload functionality from the toolbar instead.

KB toolbars with a box around the "Image" button, middle tool bar down, 9th item from the left.


There are going to be situations where it's better to have the thumbnails and other situations where it's better to not have them.

This is not perfect, but this is the behavior TeamDynamix landed on that allows people to use both options. 



Section copied from: Knowledge Base: KB Style Guide Checklist

Images – keep accessibility in mind

  • Explanation or instruction step goes above the image
  • For full-size images (uploaded or hyperlinked):
    • Include Alternative Text describing the relevant part of the image
    • Lock aspect ratio and use common width(s) for all (or most) images within the article.
      • Keep images at or smaller than their original size. They will look fuzzy if they are bigger.
      • To revert to the original size, click the circle arrow "refresh" icon next to the padlock
    • Width 300 or smaller works on mobile phones, portrait mode.  Wider needs landscape mode to be readable.
    • Width 700 is the largest we use in our KB.
    • Black border size = 1
    • Keep the Alignment option as <not set> or else the text will not wrap properly. 
  • For thumbnail images (pasted into article): 
    • Add text immediately below thumbnail saying, in italics:  Click for full-size image
    • Edit default Alternative Text to describe the relevant parts of the full-size image
    • Never adjust any other settings for a pasted image.
  • Add a blank line below the image for visual space before the next step.


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