Introducing USNH ET&S Information Classification - Approved Storage Locations


This article contains USNH IT information classifications and approved data storage locations. 




Icon Explanation
  Public Information - any information available to the general public which can include, but is not limited to - contact information of employees that is approved for publication in the public directory; Campus map that has been explicitly approved for public display; Academic calendar that has been explicitly approved for public display
A single lock icon. Sensitive information -  - Directory information defined by the institution as intellectual property; copyrighted materials; information technology infrastructure including design, security, and authentication stores; academic data and student records, financial data excluding credit card information.
A single lock icon.A single lock icon. Protected Information - Information is protected if privacy controls are required by regulation or law but required protections do not rise to the level of those mandated for Restricted Information. Protected information may include, but is not limited to - Information protected by FERPA; Library information;  Research information that requires protection by contract
A single lock icon.A single lock icon.A single lock icon. Restricted and legally protected information - Date is restricted if protection is legally defined and/or it is required by federal and/or state law. Social Security Numbers and other personally identifiable information and defined by the state of NH reporting requirements; research information that requires protection by law; medical information such as patient records; information protected through Affirmative Action and/or disability regulation.


USNH ET&S Supported Storage Offerings

  USNH ET&S File Shares SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business (Microsoft 365) ApplicationXtender
What is it? Windows based file sharing hosted by USNH ET&S for file storage. Most data stored on current USNH ET&S file shares can be migrated to SharePoint/OneDrive.  Office 365 provides highly collaborative, flexible, and secure services such as SharePoint Online, Teams, and Microsoft 365 Groups for a multitude of uses. Imaged paper and electronic documents that can be identified with an ID and accessed via Banner
Who can use it? Faculty and Staff Students, Faculty, and Staff Faculty and Staff
Information Classification A single lock icon. or A single lock icon.A single lock icon. or A single lock icon.A single lock icon.A single lock icon. A single lock icon.A single lock icon. + A single lock icon.A single lock icon.A single lock icon.* A single lock icon.A single lock icon.A single lock icon.
Cost Free and paid Free Free
Quota 10GB group

OneDrive = 1TB personal - up to 5 TBs

SharePoint =25 TBs each site

Microsoft Teams = 25 TBs each site

Web Interface No Yes Yes (VPN required)
Mobile Access No Yes No
Collaboration Options No Internal and external audiences No
Online viewing/editing No Yes Documents can be viewed through ApplicationXtender and Banner. Edits can occur using annotations and redactions as well as page versioning.
Project Page No No











*Microsoft 365 SharePoint online is approved for medical data (ePHI), credit card data (PCI), PII and SSNs are appropriate for Office 365 - when configured properly and by the USNH ET&S M365 team.

OneDrive should not be used for medical data (ePHI), credit card data (PCI), PII and SSNs unless data is moved to a SharePoint site with Power Automation.

Sites may need to be vetted for data classification - Service - Cloud Storage & Filesharing


ApplicationXtender has automated retention rules.









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