SharePoint: Requesting a Sensitivity Label for your SharePoint Site


The article explains how to make a request to have a sensitivity label added to your SharePoint site.



Sensitivity labels are used to classify and protect content in your SharePoint site.

Use labels to:

  • Allow or prevent external user access
  • Allow or prevent external sharing
  • Control access from unmanaged devices
  • Implement context-based authentication (in preview)

When a sensitivity label is added to your SharePoint site, the label automatically applies the classification and configured protection settings to the site.

The content in your site does not inherit the attributes of the labels that you have selected. For example, visual markings (watermarks) are not displayed on files in the site, and enhanced settings, such as, encryption is not applied to email messages.


Sensitivity Labels

Label Explanation Description
Public This information is publicly shareable without any need for oversight. No visible label applied.
Sensitive This message have sensitive content. Do not share. Text applied to upper left hand corner of document:
  • This is a sensitive message, please do not share.
Protected Please treat this as private, do not share. Required by institutional policy to be protected. Text applied to upper left hand corner of document:
  • Please treat this as protected.
Watermarked with the text:
  • Protected Information - Caution.
Restricted - Encrypted This message is marked Confidential and encrypted. InfoBar includes:
To change permissions from the InfoBar:
  • Click Change Permissions.
Watermarked with the text:
  • Restricted information do not share or forward.



Task: To request a sensitivity label be applied to your SharePoint site.



Step 1Navigate to the SharePoint support article.

Step 2Click Request Support.

Step 3Enter your SharePoint site information and indicate the requested sensitivity label in the description.

  • Current Site Address
  • Current Site Owner
  • Requested Sensitivity Label
  • Confidential
  • Private
  • Personal



A SharePoint administrator reviews your request and applies the requested sensitivity label. Attributes of the selected sensitivity label are displayed on your SharePoint site.











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