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USNH Centrally-Managed Devices and Computer Quarantine FAQ

a webpage when the device is quarantined, or do users infer it from certain network services being unavailable?  Yes, there is a splash page as well as an email notifying you of quarantine

Outlook: Troubleshooting Common Errors in the Outlook Desktop App

. Step 3 - Adding your account back again. For Windows Users Open your Outlook Desktop App and go to "File". Select the "Add Account" from the top left. For your email address

MFA: Installing the Microsoft Authenticator App

biometrics software (Face recognition or finger print), available on some devices, to assist with secure log in. Jump to the appropriate section: Instructions if you are reading this on the iOS

MFA: YubiKey Facts & Purchasing Guide

laptop computer USB port / Lighting connector Pressing the top or side button on the YubiKey generates and automatically enters a passcode on MFA prompts YubiKey 5 series meet Microsoft’s Modern

MFA: Setting up YubiKey for Microsoft Authentication

the right YubiKey for your needs at:  Product Quick Facts: YubiKeys are small USB devices that are inserted into a desktop or laptop computer USB port / Lighting

WISE Announcements Archive

2021 Forms W-2 are Available 01.28.2022 – 2021 Form W-2 forms are now available to be viewed via WISE. Employees who elected to receive a printed form (those who did not consent to receive their

MyAccount: Changing Your Password

our article on resetting your password instead. These instructions are intended for anyone, but if you have a USNH-issued device, there are special instructions at the end. These instructions can be performed from any location, on or off-campus. ... . These instructions can be performed from any location, on or off-campus. Note: If you are using a university-issued computer (desktop or laptop, either Windows or Apple MacOS) see also the special

Accounts: Preparing Before You Travel Abroad

Students, faculty, and staff may all have the opportunity to travel abroad from their usual locations.  This article provides steps to take before travelling to be sure to maintain access to ... app from Microsoft.  See detailed instructions in MFA: Installing the Microsoft Authenticator App  Step 2 - Set up the Authenticator app for MFA by connecting the app to your USNH Microsoft account

MyAccount: Resetting Your Password

process below. It may be helpful to write it down and make notes if you change any part of the password during the process below. Note: If you are using a university-issued computer (desktop or laptop

Web Information System for Employees (WISE)

The Web Information System for Employees (WISE) is a self-service web application showing information from Banner HR/Payroll that pertains to an employee's status. If you experience a break in

PSU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

, coffee shops, etc.) PSU maintains a VPN so that employees can access files, applications, printers, and other resources on the office network without compromising security. ... to access network file shares from off-campus, or use Banner INB while working from home. You do NOT need to use this service if you only wish to use email or access Canvas via myPlymouth.

UNH, Canvas: Emailing students in a concluded Canvas course

Task: Using Webcat to retrieve emails of students from a Canvas course that has already concluded. Courses on Canvas conclude four weeks after the end of the semester. At that time, courses are

Exam Scanning

The UNH Exam Scanning service is accomplished entirely in house; everything from the printing of materials to the actual scanning occurs at UNH. The service provides faculty with secure

KSC Classroom Type II Instructions

whether you press a hard button to select your source or press a (soft) button on a touch screen. For example, If I bring in my laptop and connect it to the provided HDMI cable, in many classrooms the

AVST: Setting up a new UNH voicemail mailbox

Summary This article shows how to set up your new mailbox for UNH AVST voicemail.   How-To Task: To set up your new mailbox for AVST voicemail   Instructions Step 1 - From your