Team: Creating a Team



This article provides instructions on how to create and access a team on the Microsoft Teams platform. It includes information about choosing a team type, inviting collaborators, designating a team owner, and adding a channel to your team page.





Task: To create a team.



Step 1 - Open Teams, in the navigation bar, click the Teams icon.

Step 2 - On the Teams page, click Join or create a team.

Step 3 - Click Create a team.











Step 4 - Select a team type, click Next.

Note: Refer to Teams: Choosing a Team Type









Step 5 - Enter a Name, description, and privacy level for your Team, click Next.












Step 6 - Add individual users, groups, or contact groups, click Add.








Your Team is created and appears in your Teams lists. To access your Team, select My Team.








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Task: To add a team owner.



Step 1 -  Access your Team, click More options ˙˙˙ > Manage team.

Step 2 - Select the Members tab.

Step 3 - Find the people you want to designate as team owners. Under Role, select Owner.



The person you have selected is now an Owner of your Team.

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Task: To create a standard channel in a team.



Step 1 Access your Team, click More options ... > Add channel. You can also click Manage team and add a channel in the Channels tab.

Screen shot of the options available when you click More options


Step 2Choose a descriptive Channel name to make it easier for users to understand the purpose of the channel.  Explain more in the optional Description field if desired.

Image of the Create Channel dialog box.


Step 3 - Choose the desired Privacy option from the Privacy drop down.

  • The default is Standard to create a team that all team members can view and participate in. 
  • If you need a channel that only select members of the team can see, then choose the Private option instead.  See separate instructions for creating a private channel
  • The Privacy option cannot be changed once a channel has been created.



  • Team owners can automatically favorite channels for the whole team, making the channels more visible for everyone on the team.
  • Team owners can also pin tabs to the channel to add tools, such as OneNote, links to webpages, and other content to make it easy for users to find what they need and share their thoughts.
  • See Microsoft's page on working in channels 



Your Team now has a channel.

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