M365: Information on Email Name Change


All USNH institutions were unified into a single M365 tenant in 2021.  This article will provide information on some of the changes users may have noticed regarding their email.



Email domains updated

  • Keene State College: @ksc.keene.edu changed to @keene.edu
  • UNH Durham & Manchester: @wildcats.unh.edu changed to @unh.edu
    • Granite State College: @go.granite.edu changed to @granite.edu (GSC later merged into UNH, June 2023)
  • UNH Law: @unhlaw.unh.edu changed to @law.unh.edu
  • PSU: @plymouth.edu remained @plymouth.edu (no change)
  • USNH: @usnh.edu remained @usnh.edu (no change)


Additional email domain change details

  • All institution and location email aliases are now: firstname.lastname@primaryinstitution.edu
  • For instances with more than one user with the same name, the alias might be: firstname.lastname.number@primaryinstitution.edu
  • Faculty, staff and students with multiple roles within USNH institutions will have one account
    •  Sent emails will reflect the primary institution affiliation based on data from USNH Human Resources (HR) and institutional Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Users will notice their identity as username@usnh.edu under their account name in Office apps. 
  • Users that had an email in the older format, the old email address remains active and forwards to the newer email address, 
  • All new users are set up with the newer email address format.


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