Office Online: Creating a Document in Word


This article provides instructions on how to create Word documents using Office Online.



Using the Office Online Word application you can:

  • Create documents to add and format text, images, and page layouts.
  • Get to your documents from your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Share and work with others, wherever they are.



Task: To create a Word document in Office Online.



Step 1 - Sign in to Portal.Office.Com, and select the Waffle icon Office 365 app launcher icon > Word.

Step 2 - Select New blank document.



A blank document opens where you can add content. 

Note: Documents are automatically saved when you add content.


Task: To rename or change the location of a document.



Step 1 - Expand the drop-down menu by clicking on the little down arrow next to the document title.

Step 2 - In the File Name field, enter a new name.

Step 3 - In the Location field, select a new location.

Tip: If you can’t edit the name, you might be in Reading View. Select Edit Document > Edit in Browser.



The document is saved automatically with the new file name and location.


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