Canvas and OneDrive: Best Practices



This article compares the Office 365 and the Microsoft OneDrive apps in Canvas and best uses for each. Files stored in OneDrive do not count against the Canvas file storage limit/quota of 1 GB.  

You can store most any type of file in OneDrive to use with Canvas including media-rich PowerPoint files. If you are using stand-alone video or audio media consider using Kaltura for storage and making it accessible through Canvas.


Comparison and Best Practices

OneDrive is accessed through the Office 365 app or the Microsoft OneDrive app located in Externals Tools.

Using these External Tools with OneDrive is the most secure method for sharing a file from OneDrive in Canvas.

You can learn more about how each tool works and how to use them here:

Comparison of OneDrive Tools in Canvas
Office 365 Tool Microsoft OneDrive Tool
Can be used in any Rich Content Editor with Plug In Tool: OWNER MUST MANAGE PERMISSIONS SAME: Permissions managed by Canvas & SharePoint
Can be added to modules as a link to the file: OWNER MUST MANAGE PERMISSIONS SAME: Permissions managed by Canvas & SharePoint
Can create cloud assignments: yes Can create cloud assignments: yes
Stays linked to original documents in OneDrive Uploads copy to course SharePoint (managed by Canvas)
Owner must manage permissions on documents manually Permissions managed automatically
Links never expire unless set to expire by owner Link access expires in one year (with instructor option to renew)
Access to OneDrive for file linking only Full access to OneDrive & SharePoint (able to edit documents in Canvas!)
BEST USE: need the same file in multiple sections that will need regular updates. BEST USE: everything else!

Further Readings

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Microsoft OneDrive Tool

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