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In release release of EAB Navigate, version 3 of reports was released. The V3 Navigate Reports now appear when users select the Reporting icon. However, users can still access the legacy reports until they are sunset. The date for the legacy reports sunset will be announced in the future. These reports include versions of all existing legacy reports.
EAB Navigate will be the application where Progress Reports originate. This article will provide information to students on how to access a completed progress report within Navigate to confirm if their performance is below average in the course and any reasons or comments provided by the instructor. These will take place approximately weeks 4-6 of the term.
Users sending communications using the system have the ability to set up an email signature that would be automatically inserted into a communication when sent from the system. This article will walk users through the process of setting up their Email Signature.
The article will discuss editing a campaign such as adding students, adjusting times or capturing a link to send directly to students.
Navigate users may need to create a list of students for a Student list from an external source. The application allows users to import a list of student IDs from a .csv file directly to an existing or new watch list.
This article will walk users through the process of syncing their Outlook calendar with Navigate to ensure availability is accurate.
This article will focus on editing appointment details after it has been created. This may include changing a location, changing an advisor or time slot.
This article will provide information regarding what Alert Reasons faculty will be presented on the early assessment survey, as well as when to use them and the desired outcomes.
This article provides an overview of the Early Alert process using Navigate.
This article will cover the process of sending an Email or Text communication to your advisees through the Navigate application.
EAB has implemented a set of rules as of release 21.2.13 that pertains to emails triggered in the system when appointments are created or modified. This article will outline the triggers and whom the emails will be sent from.
What & Who: Email Campaigns let staff reach out to specific student populations on specified dates and encourage them to take certain actions. Conditions: In order for Email Campaigns to work successfully, you must have ability to create Email Campaigns. You will also need to have access to Advanced Search to create a list of students for your campaign.
This article will provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions about reports.
This article will provide step by step instructions on how to generate reports within Navigate.
This article will discuss the newly revamped reports area within the application. Recently the vendor redesigned reports in the application and went from 49 report to 16 without losing any functionality.