Outlook: Rebuilding Profile in Outlook Desktop App for Windows


This article details how to add a new outlook profile in the Outlook Desktop app for Windows.



Task: To add a new outlook profile in the Outlook Desktop app for Windows.


Step 1Open the Desktop App and select "File"

Step 2 - Select "Account Settings" and then select "Manage Profile"

manage profiles


Step 3 - Exit Outlook Desktop App

Step 4 - Click "Show Profiles" 
 Show Profiles


Step 5 - Click Add and name the new profile - be sure to give it a unique name, different from any already on the list. 
Add a new profile


Step 6 - Enter your account information, use username@usnh.edu as the email address. Click "Next"

enter your account information


Step 7 - Confirming your information and click "Finish"

Step 8 - Reopen the Outlook Desktop App



You have successfully added a new Outlook profile


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