Kaltura: Embed Video and Audio into Canvas (MyCourses)

Task: This article describes how to embed a video or audio file into a Canvas course.  Kaltura media can be embedded into a Canvas Assignment (Instructors only), Page (Instructors only), Discussion Board (Instructors and Students) or any other area where the rich text editor (see image) is provided.


Embedding Existing Media:

  1. Navigate to the rich text editor’s toolbar. Click the Embed Kaltura Media button.

  2. A new window will pop up. You will see Kaltura media that you have uploaded previously. You may reuse one of these media clips by clicking the appropriate Select button.


Adding New Media to Embed

  1. To add a new media clip, after you do the steps above to activate the Kaltura tools via the rich text editor toolbar, click the Add New button. From here, you have the option of uploading a video/audio file from your computer, or you can create a webcam recording. This guide will explain how to upload a file from your computer.
  2. Click Add New, and then click Media Upload.

  3. Now, click Choose a File to Upload. A window will open allowing you to browse your computer for the desired file. Select your file then click Open/OK.
  4. You will now see a progress bar for your upload. While your file is uploading, you may name your media, enter a description, and add tags.
  5. When your upload is complete and you have entered your information, click Save then click Back to Browse and Embed.

  6. You may also click the ‘X’ button on the top- right. You will now be back at the screen showing all of your Kaltura media. You should see your new addition at the top of the list. Click its Select button.

  7. You will be brought back to the rich text editor. There will now be an icon representing the embedded media file.
  8. Proceed to finish submitting your content, whether this means saving your page, submitting your assignment, etc.  Your Kaltura media will now be embedded into your content


Users can expect an understanding of how to embed a video or audio file into a Canvas course.

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