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This service is only available at GSC, KSC, and UNH, for hiring of Student Hourly and Work Study Student Employees.

PSU Supervisors/Hiring Managers: Please visit the PSU Human Resources SharePoint Site for more information on Student Hiring:

Learning Space Technologies has a large catalog of portable audiovisual equipment for your course or course requirement.

Please use this form if you are a supervisor needing assistance with recruiting to fill a position, or with the hiring/selection process.
PeopleAdmin self service user guides can be found here:
Helpful guides for conducting a successful job search can be found here:

To make changes to an employee’s job or position information, including FTE changes, Job Location changes, TS Org changes, Contract/Appointment Date changes, and other such requests.

Teaching and course evaluations are used to gather valuable student feedback and support a positive learning experience.

Central Printing Servers are available to staff and faculty to provide centralized printing queues that are easily accessible while on campus or on the VPN. Printers can be added to a Windows machine quickly and efficiently.

Website, Mobile & SharePoint Development & Design services include Drupal development, information architecture, and systems integration.

The Qualtrics Survey Research Suite is a web-based survey and data analysis service.

The UNH Student Computing Labs/Clusters provide Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computer systems free for use by all UNH faculty, staff, and students.

Email is a collaboration and messaging application within the Microsoft 365 (M365) suite. All active students, faculty, and staff are provisioned with a USNH campus email address.

In compliance with state law, the University System of New Hampshire provides access to public records, as defined by RSA 91-A: . Please refer to RSA 91-A to be sure that your information request falls under this state law.

* If you would like information regarding one of our campuses, courses or degrees offered, please contact the Outreach and Enrollment Center:

Request IT Help online and receive a response within one business day.

To request general support from the HR department.  You may also contact your campus HR Partner: 

For a list of HR Business Partners at UNH and their areas of responsibilities, please visit:  

To connect with the campus HR team at Keene State College, please call (603) 358-2406 or email 

Plymouth State University is NOT currently using this request form, please connect with the campus HR Team at (603) 535-2250 or email for assistance.

Instructional design services are available to all faculty to enhance the quality of their teaching and support the effective use of instructional technology in their courses.

Faculty and staff may request additional Office 365 licenses such as Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Power BI, or access to free Windows Server Standard.

Use this page to submit any and all IOD technology purchase requests.

Directory Services offers technical support staff the ability to add, change, or otherwise manage computers and user groups within USNH's various computing directories.

This service should be used to request background checks for the following:

Graduate Assistantships (GA/TA/RA)
Rechecks/Annual Requirements for Youth Programs (every 3 years) or Youth Skills Camps (annual) for current employees
Motor Vehicle Searches for required current employees (every 3 years) and students (annual)

For use by UNH ONLY:
This form is for status (benefited) tenure track faculty, research faculty, lecturers and/or clinical faculty to request and track the approvals and payment of supplemental and overload responsibilities. These include teaching, out of contract service and both Sponsored and internal-to-UNH research.

This form should NOT be used to hire new or returning adjunct faculty members whose primary role is NOT a status faculty member. To submit a request for all other adjunct faculty hires, please refer to the Adjunct Faculty Hire form.

For additional assistance, please refer to the resource documents posted here:

To request marketing support, please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible. If you are requesting promotional work or advice, let us know the event dates, overall goals, partners involved, and resources needed. A MarCom person will be assigned to work with you.
If you need help with this form, contact Romy Eberle,

Please fill out the form below related to a new store request or support request.

For general questions of the USNH Procurement Offices. Not sure how to begin? Use this form and one of our knowledgeable procurement managers will contact you.

*Do not post any restricted information in this request, for example social security numbers (SSNs) or date of birth (DOB).

An IT risk assessment is a thorough look at your IT system to identify software, hardware, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm to your system. After identification is made, an analysis and evaluation is conducted to see how likely and severe the risk is. When this determination is made, a further investigation is conducted to decide what measures should be in place to effectively eliminate or control the harm from happening. Request a Risk Assessment of an USNH IT system if you suspect it may be at risk.

WebIntelligence (WebI) is an enterprise application supporting self-service access for reporting and analysis of data from various applications.

Review the following before submitting a request:

If you are trying to install software, first check to see if the software is already available to USNH-managed computers. Open Company Portal (Windows) / Self-Service (Mac) and search for the software you need. If it is listed there, then you can install it without needing Administrator privileges.

The standard for justification of access to PAM requires that you have a legitimate reason for use of elevated privileges exceeding 10 separate instances over the course of one year, on average.

If the software is not on Company Portal/Self-Service but this is a one-time request OR if you do not meet the frequency of use justification, please fill out the ET&S Service Desk web form to request assistance.