Endpoint Management: Preparing for a Replacement Computer


This article provides a checklist of items for you to go through to ensure you have everything you need from your old computer before you return it to Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) when picking up your replacement device.

If your computer becomes so old that it presents a security risk, or if it starts to experience hardware issues that are too costly to warrant repair given the device's age, then your computer, laptop, or other endpoint device may need to be replaced. While a new computer is being prepared for you, there is also some “homework” that you need to do, to save everything you need from the old computer so you can quickly access it from the new computer. 

The expectation is that you will turn in your old device when you pick up the new one. ET&S will retain the old device for 30 days before reallocating it or preparing it for SEED.



___A. Documents backed up to the cloud

Make sure your personal files are backed up to OneDrive and departmental files to SharePoint or Teams. ​​​​​​

  • Normally, USNH managed endpoints are configured to back up the device’s Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to your USNH OneDrive. This means any of your files in those folders are safely saved in the cloud, ready to be sync’d to your new device. 
  • All files and folders under your OneDrive folder in Finder or File Explorer are also saved in the cloud, ready to access from, or sync to, your new device.
  • Log into https://portal.office.com and look in your OneDrive online and SharePoint sites to verify that the files from your old computer are sync’d where you expect them.  You can reorganize files in OneDrive online as needed.
  • Check on your old computer for any files that you need which might be in other locations outside of OneDrive, such as your Download, Music, Videos, or other folders. 
    • Move or copy personal files to your OneDrive and departmental files to SharePoint or Teams.
    • Confirm you see the files online afterwards.

Other Items to Consider

  • While the content of your Desktop will be saved in OneDrive, the layout of icons may be different.  If the layout matters to you, consider taking a screenshot of your current Desktop and saving that to OneDrive, so you can more easily arrange icons on your new computer the way you want them. 
  • If you primarily use the Outlook Desktop app, log into Outlook online and confirm that you see everything you need. Areas that can be different include Signatures, Quick Steps, and Inbox Rules. If desired, set up Outlook online to have the same behaviors as your Outlook Desktop app to give yourself a more seamless experience in the different Outlook versions. 
  • New Devices will be deployed without Administrative access on the device.  For more information see our article titled:  Alternatives to Administrative Privilege on USNH Computers


___B. Browser bookmarks, favorites, settings, history, etc., backed up

  • If desired, export your browser bookmarks or favorites to an HTML file. After you export your data, save the exported file(s) in your OneDrive so you can import it into the browser(s) on your new device. See instructions in our article on Exporting Bookmarks or Favorites.
  • You can also use the built-in browser sync functions to move your settings and bookmarks for you. Sign into your browser(s) and sync your browser content to save bookmarks, settings, history, etc. See instructions in our article on Syncing Bookmarks, History, & Settings.


___C. Confirm needed software is available in Software Management App 

  • Confirm any software you need is already available in the software management app for your operating system: Company Portal (Windows) or the Self-Service App Catalog (macOS). You can install any software from these software management apps onto your new computer without any need for local admin privileges.
    • Note: Some software packages are only licensed for specific users or departments. While you may be able to install the software, you can only run it successfully if you are also licensed to use that package.
  • If you need software that is not yet available in the software management app, fill out the Application Portal request form asking that it be added so you and others can use it. Requested software may need a Security Assessment Review (SAR) before being approved. 
  • For additional information, see our FAQ about Software on Managed Endpoints.


___D. Discuss custom software needs with ET&S Client Services team 

  • If you use any software with additional license requirements, save all your license keys and licensing information in a safe place such as your Outlook email or OneDrive. You will need that information when signing into the software on your new computer.
    • Does the license require any special action to allow activating it on a new computer?  For example, do you need to log out of the installation on the old computer before you can log into it again on the new device?
  • Note any non-standard software (not available through the software management app above) you use on your old computer along with any licensing information and license keys.
  • If possible, note where to download or acquire the software for a fresh installation.
  • Discuss the specific details of your software needs with ET&S Client Services, so we can be prepared to help you get what you need on the new device.
  • For additional information, see our FAQ about Software on Managed Endpoints.


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Need additional help?

Desktop Support - Service Request  

Application Portal - Service Request

Privileged Access Management - Service Request

To submit a support request, please fill out the ET&S Desktop Support webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk team on your local campus. For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.

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