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Company Portal: Installing Applications on Intune Managed Workstations - Windows

This article shows how to install applications from Company Portal on USNH Windows workstations managed by Microsoft Intune.

Company Portal: Installing Updates on Intune Managed Workstations - Windows

This article shows how to install Windows Updates from Settings on Intune managed Windows workstations.

Endpoint Management: About the Endpoint Life Cycle

This article provides information about the USNH Endpoint Management life cycle process and support provided through Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S).

Endpoint Management: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article provides frequently asked questions and answers regarding managed endpoints, endpoint protection, and replacing managed computers at USNH.

Endpoint Management: Preparing for a Replacement Computer

This article provides a checklist of items for you to go through to ensure you have everything you need from your old computer before you return it to Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) when picking up your replacement device.

Endpoint Management: Using Secondary Account Enhanced Privileges

This article explains how to use a secondary account's enhanced privileges to make changes on specific computers. See for steps to request a secondary account and permission to use it on specific computers.  Once both those requests have been fulfilled, then you can use the instructions in this article.

Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect is tool that allows users' to log into their Macs using their USNH username and password without being bound to the USNH domain. This article introduces the user to the components of Jamf Connect.

Jamf Pro - Apple Device Management at USNH

This article explains Jamf Pro, an IT and asset management system used by USNH.

Microsoft Intune Enrollment for USNH Faculty and Staff

This article describes some changes USNH faculty and staff may see on their USNH-managed computers as we move to a new management solution called "Intune".

Privileged Access Manager: Using the BeyondTrust PAM Tool

Relying on either the video or transcript provided, learn how to use Privileged Access Manager, the BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool.

USNH Endpoint Management Standards

This article provides additional information for established and approved USNH endpoint management standards and policies.