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Accounts: What should I do if I think my account is compromised?

This article contains resources for if you think your account has been compromised and Technology Help Desk contact information.

Basic & Modern Authentication: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article contains frequently asked questions about Basic and Modern Authentication. Microsoft is phasing out Basic Authentication support starting on October 1, 2022. ET&S has been assisting users to transition away from Basic Authentication for several months and provides these instructions to help student and staff continue to have access to email and other services after Microsoft makes this change. This article is for students, faculty, and staff at USNH.

Password Best Practices

This article contains the best practices regarding passwords.

Using Facebook, Google or other Social Login Services

This article contains information regarding securing your account on social login services.

USNH Policies Affecting IT Accounts

This article contains links to USNH cybersecurity policies and standards affecting IT accounts and a summary for each.

What's the Deal with Publicly Posted Credentials?

The following FAQ is intended to address the most common questions received from users whose accounts have been secured because their university credentials were posted publicly.