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myPortal - Add and Manage your Connections

The Connections feature provides users with the option to connect with other users at their institution.  Users can view Events attended and Groups joined by other users, and even view public conversations in which users are engaged.  A user's Connections' activity will appear in the user's Activity feed.

myPortal - Announcements

The my.Portal site has the ability to alert users to important messages through Announcements, they can be Notices, Alerts or Emergencies.

myPortal - Customizing Events & Calendars

This article will review some important features of Events & Calendars in myPortal.

myPortal - Customizing Tools and Shortcuts

Users will understand how to customize their myPortal Tools. Adding quick links to resources that are helpful to them.

myPortal - Customizing Widgets

Users will be able to understand how to change, access, move, and remove Widgets in myPortal.

myPortal - Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains frequently asked questions and answers about the myPortal.

myPortal - Manage your Notifications

This article explains how users can manage their myPortal Account Settings (general, privacy and notifications)

myPortal - Messaging

This article reviews the messaging feature in myPortal

myPortal - Mobile Application

This article will get a user started on using the mobile application for myPortal.

myPortal - Search

The Search feature makes it easy to find Posts, Groups, Events, Pages, Tools, File, FAQs, and People.

myPortal: Getting Started

This article will direct you to the Portal itself there there is a Getting Started Guide Page.

myPortal: Log-in

myPortal is a gateway that allows you to connect directly to the systems, people, and information you need to succeed within USNH. This article will outline the process of logging in

myPortal: Student Perspective

Want to know what the students see when they log into myPortal? This article will show the portal from the students perspective.