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Microsoft Licensing: Determining your Version of Office

This article provides instructions on how to determine which version of office you have installed in both the Windows and MAC operating systems.

Microsoft Licensing: Installing Microsoft Visio or Project

This article provides instructions to request the appropriate license and install Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Project to your personal computer.​​​​​​​

Microsoft Licensing: Installing/Logging into Microsoft Office

This article provides instructions on how to download and install Microsoft Office on your personal computer.

Microsoft Licensing: Microsoft 365 Education License FAQ

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Microsoft 365 Education licenses issued out to student, staff, and faculty by USNH.

Microsoft Licensing: Removing Corrupted Office License Files on a Mac

This article explains how to run the license removal tool, removing all corrupted Office for Mac license files. This allows you to not only view, but to edit and save documents.

Microsoft Licensing: Uninstalling your Office Applications

This article provides instructions on how to uninstall Microsoft Office applications from both the Windows and Mac operating systems.​​​​​​​

Microsoft Licensing: Windows 10 & Windows 11 Education

This article provides links to articles about how to access the file share locations where students, faculty and staff you can obtain license keys and download files.